The Southern California-based legal group for Faith and Freedom filed a lawsuit in response to the fines of $220,000 that have been issued to Calvary Chapel regarding in-person services. Since May, 31st, Pastor Mike McClure of Calvary Chapel has been hit with these fines, and now they face a new one based on Gov. Newsom's church restrictions. 

Christian Post reported The Calvary Chapel pastor thinks county officials haven't sought an injunction because they fear public opinion. The pastor also exclaims that the 'government has no control over churches. He leaves the matter to God and believes churches need to be recognized as "essential".

The pastor also compares and contrasts the economy today such as markets with the church community. Many believers find it unfair that Walmart is open, recognized as an essential service, then why not the church?" Walmart doesn't have a First Amendment right". he said.

Relating to the $220,000 fines provided by the County, Jack Trieber, pastor of North Valley Baptist Church also faced a fine of over $112,000 for holding services at the church parking lot. John MacArthur was fined as well and threatened to be put in jail if he continues to hold indoor services. Brave pastors continue to state they will listen to God's will instead of men and encourage believers to fast and pray. John MacArthur stated once, "My biblical hero apart from the Lord Jesus Christ is the Apostle Paul and when he went into a town he didn't ask what the hotel was like. He asked what the jail was like because he knew that's where he was going to spend his time."